toTTal repost

this ones just a month old, but it showed up in my stream again, i watched it again, i had to post it again... definitely worth watching more than once, and if you missed it, you fuckin up. this edit is so sick.

keep it trick jam 2012

...coming soon?


OG sean burns shit.

skate shiTT

sit back, put your feet up, check some full length skate shit.


i dont usually post mtb flicks /// but i clicked play on this one and didnt stop watching... so theres definitely some entertainment value here.

big wheel bmx

i might have already posted this shit /// sometimes i lose track. but its some pretty killer big bike shred if you havent seen it.

SHMOB saTTurdays: SHMOB x FF

It's technically Sunday morning but fuck it//made the trip to Long Beach today with my girlfriend & puppy//currently posting live from Denny's in downtown LB.