fucking sick /// our first look at west jam 2 footage. that park had some good shit to ride and looks packed. some of europes most fixiefamous are holding it down and a guest appearance by christina on the hold fast 24?


always psyched to see more from this event. tone was fucking killing it.

skate shiTT // wtTTf

denis bejtic posted this shit up on my fb wall /// i had to put it in the mix, its friday... fuck school, fuck work, watch web flicks.

nasty and marco /// skatepark day

been waaaaay too long since we seen some shit from nasty. so sick, getting creative with it. he's always had his own way of doing things, and one of the cleanest styles in fixed. marco been killing it dead lately, and this park is so sick///right on the water, living the dream.

schmick cnx

super sick filming and editing on this one from schmick.

bike check /// bombay bb17 charmer v2

sick clean production. i love a well done bike check flick... you cant go wrong with shit like that.


TODAY is your last chance to get one of these #MWM3 shirts // its not just a fucking shirt, its a piece of "fixie history". MWM is the original comp that got this shit moving, brought a spotlight to fixed comps, and really represents the riders. ALL WHO ORDER AN MWM SHIRT WILL GET TO SHOP THE UPCOMING RE-STOCKED STORE A DAY EARLY... BUY ONE HERE NOW /// so if you wanna get your hands on one of the OG fucking killing it shirts, this should insure that you get in there early enough. ALSO/// if you havent checked out THIETH.COM lately, its been cleaned up a bit and i added a blog that will be kept up with TT-SHIRT news as it happens... stay posted.

skate shiTT

QUARTERSNACKS remixed this dennis busenitz edit and it came out sick. lots of killer tech skate, some killer creative clips, lots of your favorite sf spots, some killer downhill sf skate. watch this shit.


been into this shit lately. killer video too.


double rooTTs today /// just came across this one and had to put it in the mix. ha. too sick.


ive definitely posted this one up before /// too much sick shit in here, and not enough bone deth lately. if you never caught this one... its worth it just for some of the slams.

broucke cycles /// wonka and santos in bangkok

 brouckecycles on youtube straight up took santos's edit off vimeo, put their logo on it, and present it like its their own... i definitely hope they got permission from santos. i can understand upping to youtube for certain reasons, even more so with permission... but dont slap your logo on it like you made it.

n00bs /// goon'n pt.2

this squads puttin em out quick /// i suspect we'll probably see a lot of progression from these guys over the summer.