i dont usually post photos /// but this ones a real tear jerker haha. snatched from PROLLY ///Shakes O’Meara with the photo.

A.S.S. #5

after school scraps is sick for sure. here's your fifth installment featuring some of my favorite local youths. these fuckers are killing it right now... always psyched to see new footage from this squad. must see TTv.

sesh clip #9 /// rollin walther

fuck yeah rolo // watch out for this kid. comin up these days, getting good and making it look easy. 9 sesh clips is sick, psyched to see this series keep going//no music, good clips, solid series.

bombay documentary

some day in the life documentary type flick right here. some quality production in the intro there, kinda long, but its good for a watch... seems like thailand is progressing quick as fuck these days.


50NIT keeps em comin lately. that ditch spot in there is sick summertime chill out spot for sure.

bike check /// grant higgins GOAT

super clean goat and some killer clips. grant obviously knows whats good. effortless style these days.

royal hc team edit /// b sides

these are so called "scraps" /// not so much imo. some good shit here and that edit definitely worthy of some b-side type shit. check it. ROYALHC team kills it.

pedal mobbin /// dtla rooftop

thanks to malik mack for posting this up on my fb /// new shit coming soon. digging the quick cuts in this one.

quick clip /// fish spinz

tarck style quick clip /// you dont see these every day anymore.

eat shiTT /// hit the floor with desmond cook



im into this one /// summer vibes, good sounds, makes me want a jet ski. stay wet.

n00bs /// oscar lopez

every now and then a n00b steps up with some shit that catches me off guard. oscar is one of those /// skills and potential is bigger than the person pushing the whip. he looks pretty young, but if he sticks with it, theres definitely some big things coming from him in the future.

skate shiTT

seems like theres quite a few handmade skate decks coming through these days /// all with their own "unique" shape. i dig this one, looks fun with loose trucks. this edit is so sick, some killer riding, and killer transitions between clips. click through to THEPREDATORYBIRD and check out their decks, price is kinda steep, but you gotta shell out some cash for quality hand made shit.

rooTTs // dah streets

caught this one at DAHSTREETS // one of my favorite bmx squads to watch, lots of super sick riding in this one... while i was cruising their blog, i caught this pic below of what looks like torey's bike in the mix haha. too sick if it is, either way, fucking killer to see a fixed bike in the pile.

big wheel bmx

this guy on the red frame kills it.

n00bs /// two flicks

goon'n parking lot shred and some 50NIT in the mix.

feeling that frame color.