these shirts are available now at THIETH'S GIFTT STORE /// only available now until friday. get one while we got em. big thanks to gus for putting this together, they came out fucking sick. looks like some good shit went down at the contest this weekend, even if you werent there you can still take home a piece of it. HUGE thanks goes out to kris, sam, and tone for making TTv a part of MWM this year.


FOAD squad kills it. heres some fucking proof. so much creative shit in here, so many good clips. back wheelies, footplants, unconventional spots, unconventional tricks. pure fucking killer riding right here. watch this shit now /// guaranteed good time.

mikeonabike /// smashed up sundays

MIKEONABIKE knows how to put together an edit /// this ones pretty sick. the intro and outtro are killer with everyone riding through popping tricks off.... and check that fucking triple set in there at 1:13 /// holy shit.

#MWM3 by fixiefamous

the event looks like it was fucking sick. everyone was killing it. 1st boothby//2nd tone///3rd matt and dinh tie. this is the one that started it all /// you can tell by the footage in the event that this is riders pushing riders, no hype, no bullshit, the realest shit out. as far as the TT shirts go, i have no idea what happened with them, and havent heard back yet... the "secret prize" was to sell the shirts and give all the money up for best trick.... my stock will be up in the store for sale tonight, so stay posted and snag one fast if you want it... they'll only be for sale til the end of the week and never printed again.


sometimes the front yard is the place to be.

the hisTTory channel /// jackson wallace

this is one of those unforgettable flicks /// must see TTv if you never seen the shit. the ender is fucking brutal, so weak stomachs beware. jackson got back to riding again after this shit. caught this on the rat shit like list and had to get it in the mix.


the man himself///andy compton upped this one of some PILE shred at quicksilver park. sick to see this brand coming up... stay tuned.

n00bs /// houghton weekend

we got a shitload of young riders coming up in long beach these days.

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

this ones a classic. i fucking hate mondays.

the grime /// medicine man bars

GRIME just dropped these new bars /// digging the aesthetics. the crossbar on these is pretty sick, and they claim "wrist saver" sweep... could be a crucial feature. i know a lot of you push real tall bars these days, at almost 5" these are definitely a solid option.