fixed bandit /// kiki RKR 2012

real solid solo edit, clean filming and editing... this shits well put together. digging that long slider around the 2:00 mark, this guy has a killer 700c style.

michael guntetong /// may 2012

a shitload of clips from a shitload of riders //// michael, alfonso, tyler park, don, jerry, charles lj, junho Park, feno, calvin gunt, elliot milner, oscar khan, and antonyo! killer variety in this one.

early summer trip

kinda long but theres some good clips in the mix for sure.

quick clip /// johnithan carolino

slide everything.

quick clip // alex south big 7

call it what you want /// but few things are as fun as a big hop. this long seven is sick.

bike check /// terence rustia's vandal

terence sent this through /// these resist tanwalls set off any bike you put em on. looking good overall, i dig that vandal red that volume put out too, here's the full build list;

Volume Vandal
Breakbrake 17 Cobra V2
Resist Congoloids/CultxVans Grips
SE Draft Barends
Demolition Keystone Stem
Resist Headset
Resist BB
Demolition PC Pedals
ROYAL HC straps
170mm Eighthinch Splined Cranks
28T Tree 4130 HT Sprocket
Resist 13t cog/Sadio Lockring
KMC Halflink
Resist Seat/Resist Seatpost
F: MTX33/All-City Sheriff w/ Steel axle upgrade/G-Sport Hubguard
R: MTX33/Destroy 14mm hub/Primo Hubguard
2x Tan Resist Nomads
2x Shadow Lil' Ones Pegs


in case you live under a rock and didnt know/// ruff was out in taiwan, spreading the good word of CSK, hanging with cogwei, and killing spots. kbirdie put this flick together of some shit that went down. i know theres waaay more than this judging from some of the pictures ive seen, but he definitely snagged some killer clips in here. ruff stays killing it. pumped on that quick line at 0:48. stay posted to CSK or die.

holy shiTT

if you only watch one flick today... this is it. looks fake, but according to the vimeo comments this shit is real. fucking insane. must see TTv.

quick clip /// elliott milner

fuck, elliott is on fire right now. fucking killer quick clip for sure. dude got insane amounts of style.


this is the track from thecomeup mlk flick /// feelin that.

skate shiTT

...more skate shit, barcelona has so many good spots, and that first trick is so sick.

gnarcotix /// collin mui

collin has been doing big things for a while now. this ones just a teaser from GNARCOTIX /// but it seems like this squad is "ramping up" for some good shit...

rooTTs /// thecomeup at mlk

sounds like this will be an ongoing series. fucking sick. theres more than a couple good clips in this one, you already know this squad kills it. stay posted to THECOMEUP for more from mlk park.

skate shiTT /// lockedcog

a lot of us who ride fixed bikes got a skate background /// in case you were wondering, KRIS LOCKEDCOG still got it. sick to see him getting loose on four wheels instead of two.

n00bs /// two flicks

good to see some new shit from richmond///make mts proud and keep em coming.

kid got some potential.