if you follow anyone from the FIXIE FACTORY on instagram // you seen this picture, and if you follow me on fb, you saw sean's help request... yes thats a gun hahaha. this is the most epic bike retrieval story i think ive ever heard/// from what i gathered, they chased this little shit who stole seans bike for 10 minutes (see below) caught up with him, and uncle fucking cowboy came to the rescue with some heat. insane fucking story, maybe we'll get some details later, but i couldnt wait to get this shit in the mix. so fucking sick.

item-b /// eat shit gif

caught this over at ITEM-B // had to get it in the mix. monday really fucking sucks this week, eat shit. haha. 

Compton Chronicles

Skyler Kehr fucks your face with this one


i forgot where i snagged this from but the gap is fucking sick///so big.

skate shiTT

i dig these quick edits without music. theres so much webflick these days, its sick to see something different, watch some skateboarding without music and soak up the sounds or some shit. anyone ever see that skate flick "listen"??? tried to track it down online for you guys, but its tricky to search "listen" on google /// if anyone knows where to find that shit online, hit me up.

nio chang

pretty sick /// this guy looks like mall security or something, but he gets loose on some flatland style shit.

double fail

more for your monday haha. eat shit. my monday started sucking dick the second i sat down at my desk today... fucking yappy cunts in this office make a motherfucker wanna stand on my desk and start kicking computers over.

bike check /// devin tolmans leader pharaoh hovership

devin sent this through /// check that fuckin photo. soo sick. sounds like he's riding for LEADER now, fucking sick come up... have these frames even hit the streets for "general consumption" yet?? seems like these have been in the works forever now.

bike check /// junho park

mmmm junho park bike dun look good. hahaha. stay tuned for some riding at the end.

bike check /// doug vinciguerra's all city 29er

doug posted this shit up on my FACEBOOK /// its fucking sick to see people still pushing 29ers, i always dig the aesthetic of the hugve wheels on these things. dougs bike looks sick. real clean colorway, and those tires make it look like a fuckin beast. here's the rundown;
-Def Wish Frame Small 
-Breakbrake17 Cobra Fork V2 
-Cult Integrated Headset 
-BlkMrkt Underboss Stem 
-BlkMrkt Molly Hatchet Bars 
-Cult Faith Grips -Mutiny Bar Ends 
-Resist Icon Saddle -Resist Pivitol Post 
-Sadio Mid BB 
-Sadio Molar 30t Sprocket 
-Sadio Swoop Cranks 
-Cult PC Pedals 
-Ynot Straps 
-Velocity Chukker 700c Rims 
-CST Critter 29x2.1 Tires 
-Reaper Front Female Hub 
-Reaper 10mm Female Rear Hub 
-All City 13t Cog w/ All City Lockring 
-Cult 510 Chain

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

monday fucking sucks /// eat shiTT.