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off TTopic /// jd's manson tatted sweetheart

 so i got this email from jd /// i think he found true love. hahahahahaha. that tattoo is fucking sick. i promise, i wont tell anyone else that you boned her.

keep it trick jam 2012

these vm project flicks never disappoint. this ones got a little more going on than just tricks. styled and themed, filmed well, done right. sounds like theres a trick jam coming up in july.


there definitely hasnt been enough BONEDETH in my life lately. had to get this one up asap.

bike check /// tyler hansens RYD

im a sucker for a murdered out whip /// every bike ive ever had eventually gets painted black. tyler ryd dont just look good, its built to kill. he got a pretty legit build going and some "unique" parts in the mix. i always dig the way those intense tires look built up/// and i been hearing some talk about those s&m bars being the shit for those who like em tall. here's the rundown;
RYD Conflict(medium)
S&M Pitchfork
S&M Race XLT 5" rise bars
Primo Powerbite's
Odyssey MDS 30t sprocket
Cvlt Vans grips,Salvation,top load,pedals,chain
Shadow Little ones pegs x4
Shadow Solus mid one piece seat/post
Holdfast x Mishka straps
front wheel MTX33 laced to Odyssey Vandero v2
back wheel MTX33 laced to Resist icon rResist 12t cog & lockring
intense mk2 26x2.25 tires

...and to anyone who wanna get yo bike check up on here, dont hesitate to post that shit up on my FACEBOOK wall///THIETH loves a bike check.  

the hisTTory channel /// bromance

this ones so sick... and goes waaay back. tj and laali getting loose with some creative tag team shit. lol at the tunes. this ones a fucking classic "piece of history". 0:42 is my fucking highlite for sure. respect for those who blazed a trail and did their own thing. tyler seems to hold on to this energy these days and does his own thing to this day.


i caught this by way of denis bejtic on fb /// if these are really mke spots, we better see some fucking killer street shit from everyone out at #MWM3 next weekend.

skate shiTT

this is some must see TTv shit right here. high end production, super good shots, killer location/killer concept. the transition shots of the old water park back in its operational days switched to the current rundown spot with some skate shit are so fucking good. definitely worth a watch whether ur into this style of skateboarding or not.

gnarcotix /// filpe "pepe" motta

psyched to see gnarcotix back at it. this ones mellow, good clips, good style. keep em coming/stay in it. this squad goes way back to early fgfs roots.


jordan madarang

mellow one from jordan. this kid has potential, solid barspins, powerful threes... young guns comin up.