this is something i "highly anticipated" /// theres so many good riders out in thailand these days/you already know wonka and santos go hard as fuck. so many good clips in here. watch this shit now... they found some killer spots (check that one at 2:20), rode some crazy demos, and you gotta love that intro music hahahaha. santos fucking powers out edits, dedicated to keeping us all updated and keeping his sponsors psyched. killing it nonstop.

sesh clip #8 /// elliot milner

if you had any doubts about whether elliot milner is killing it these days /// check this quick clip. i love watching this guy ride. so much style.

skate shiTT /// full length

COMUИE just dropped this one /// their flicks are always sick, killer signature style, always entertaining. must see TTv for sure.

jimmy watcha // pagan teaser

ive said it before /// watch the fuck out for jimmy watcha, if you not checking out his flicks, you fuckin up haha. this kid came in hot and progresses fast, he got some real dialed bike control. dont know what this is a teaser for but im always psyched to see more from him.


forgot where i snagged this from /// but its some good shit. creative riding never gets old.

n00bs /// three flicks

footplant at 0:26 was sick /// theres some bmx and big bike shit in the mix too.

schoolyard chillin

the summer days are back... roll with your posse and ride everything.


TT 02.15.11_2, TT THIETH TTH13TTH TTv
TT 02.15.11_2, TT THIETH TTH13TTH TTv
TT 02.15.11_2, TT THIETH TTH13TTH TTv