santos and congo for LDG

these two always kill it and santos puts in work non-stop /// wasnt he just in thailand or some shit? straight back to business. everyone has some sick clips in this, even a guest appearance from gomok. LDG has a killer squad right now, its sick that santos keeps the flicks coming so consistent, always giving us a look at whats going on. must see TTv.


word around town is im finer than my bitch. haha. stay based.

skate shiTT // 5BORO

5BORO just dropped these new decks /// way too sick /// had to put this shit in the mix. these are some timeless graphics right here, they even come a mellow/smoothe cruiser flavor if you wanna get your filming deck setup dialed like a boss.

the hisTTory channel /// dew birthday edit

this ones almost a year old and some of these tricks still cant be touched. fucking insane. dew has been and continues to change the game. this showed up in my fb stream so i re-watched /// it fucked my head up all over again. unreal what dew can do on a bike.

volume vandal chrome

i hear a lot of people trying to get on chrome frames these days /// VOLUME responded to that with a limited run of vandals in chrome. no word on where, how many, or how much... but im sure these will go quick. way too sick... bring on the chrome frames.


i love matts comment on this one "almost none of those spots are in long beach" haha. this one made the rounds on fb yesterday... even tho the title is a gimmick, the ender is fucknig sick.

skate shiTT

"oldschool" digging the shitty video quality and the raw footage style.

off TTopic

just cuz its not VVIKED VVEDNESDAY /// doesnt mean we cant get weird.

n00bs /// three flicks

Jimz Duhaylungsod, Johnithan Carolino, Glenn Tactacan are new names to me/// but they got some shit dialed. watch out for more from this squad.

toyo is coming in with a real solid showing.

sam houser is someone we havent seen much from, but he has a solid style and will definitely prove a point if he sticks with it. he keeps his speed up and has some killer bike control. got some skate shit in the mix too, fucking pumped on that.

-side note /// n00bs section does not imply skill level. i started this to put all the new names in one place cuz there are so many of you guys coming up so fast. its hard for everyone to keep up. keep fucking shit up... i see some serious progression across the board these days and its fucking sick.

off TTopic // near bird strike

caught this one on youtube /// start your friday off with some funny shit. fuck school, fuck work, watch TTv.