i was bugging gabe and kyle to get this shit up where i could post it, and they came through. way too fucking sick not to make it on the blog. this is quick clip fucking gold right here. benzo blaster /// fucking killing it. cant wait to see more from gabe, sounds like he's stacking clips right now...


haha i love this shit. sam houser picked up one of these old man masks and got down with some back yard shred. digging the creepy tunes and sams dedication to "staying in character" haha. psyched he came up on one of these masks, i snagged one from the same series last halloween.

joseph doggy mo ca

missed this shit this morning /// too fucking good not to get it in the mix tho. pure raw killer fucking riding right here. i started off skeptical and then a couple fucking serious hammers drop. watch this shit, its short, but so sick.


TJ twitted that some big shit would drop today /// i figured this would be it. these are finally in stock, size small only for now, but most of you are riding smaller frames anyways. you already know these have input from some of the best riders out there, not to mention a lot of that coming from TJ himself, and made in USA, quality tubing, sick geo, what the fuck more do you want. DONT SLEEP /// GET SOME. SKYLMT.COM NOW.

gabe alcantara benz hop

i dont usually post photos, but when i do fixie fuckers are flying over benz's. haha. this was way too sick to pass up. caught this on kyle mensch's fb /// gabe is flying over a fucking benz. whats not to love about that shit.

quick clip /// andy sparks /// nemesis project

THIETH always loves a quick clip /// and im always down to give local grass roots brands a shout out /// so click through and check out what NEMESIS PROJECT has going on these days.

a MoNths collection

MoN just put this together /// its a bunch of his previously released footage put together in one long edit. some new shit in there too i think. pretty sick, this edit is super stacked with tons of clips. he gets out and films non stop, so the clips are endless. definitely sick "retrospective" type shit.


double eyeTTunes today /// from opposite sides of the spectrum. stay strange...

MoN /// old TTv ad // NSFW

viewer discretion is strongly advised /// NOT SAFE FOR WORK. if you have a weak stomach or done like gore, just dont watch this shit. MoN gets brutal hahaha, but i always love this kind of participation in the blog, people who are psyched on it and put their own spin on shit get me fucking pumped. NOT SAFE FOR ANYTHING.


these FOAD guys always come through with some good shit. looks like daniel got out to ride with em when they were in SF and put together this quick one. sick classic spot, and the hole squad was going for it. FOAD KILLS.

omar sebai may 2012

this is what happens when a young gun gets after shit. omar has come up so hard lately and this solo flick shows some serious progression. theres some real hammers in the mix here. that ender is so fucking sick, thats no easy shit right there. fucking pumped on this one, real psyched to see omar going for it///cant wait to see whats next.

skate shiTT

young guns coming in just killing shit these days. next gen skateboarding is going to be insane.


this ones been up on vimeo for a while now, so you might have already seen it /// but holy shit theres some insane clips in here and brutal fucking slams to go with em. so fucking good.


i stole this one from WOLF DRAWNS MUSIC MONDAYS /// a fucking killer spot for discovering some new tunes and shit. "contrary to popular belief", THIETH loves him some gangster shit.

n00bs /// two flicks

so many n00bs coming up in "socal" <---- i fucking hate that word ("cali" also) haha fuck all that shit, but its sick to see fgfs keep growing locally.

some cockpit view type shit. usually all you get is a ride down the street with these joints, but here we got some tricky shit.