quick clip // charles schoen skike

sick one from charles /// some bike shit with skate noise. always good to see some clips from this guy.

steezy squares /// hangovers sux

i couldnt agree more with that title right now hahaha. fuck a hangover. some real sick skate mixed with fixed in here. steezy squares flicks are always sick.


pepy fucking going for it /// sick fucking quick clip. SHRED kills.

teaser /// xfactor

looks like a television commercial. this ones got some fancy shooting, editing, and graphics. is this a west jam teaser? lots of sick clips in here.

calin hernandez /// may 2012

calin went hard for this one. he's got a real aggressive style developing and hints of tech annihilation coming through. real psyched to see how his style develops, that ender is insane. skills and fearlessness will make for some fucking sick riding to come. killer edit calin.


kinda sick to see the footage and the photos that go with it, some fucking sick shots/tricks in here.

skate shiTT

digging that intro shot through the fence/// and this park looks so sick for endless cruising.

ken nguyen /// mstrfm clothing

ken nguyen has a real fluid powerful style. cant wait to see more from him, seems like his style and bag of tricks progresses quick. check out MSTRFM /// this squad gets loose.

n00bs // daniel le

daniel le put together a solo flick. obvisouly stacked for this and he keeps progressing. thanks for the TTv tag... we definitely following your come up over here man. keep em coming.


dont fuck around /// MWM3 is almost here and theres some good loot for the winners. hopefully a solid prize from us at TTv /// but it will require some participation from everyone in attendance... details to follow on our surpriseprize as things are orchestrated.

tuesday sucks /// eat shiTT

after a three day weekend /// tuesday fucking sucks. eat shit.