you will probably want to watch this one a couple times to understand what the fuck you just saw. back to back hammers throughout. joes riding stands on its own and this is by far the cleanest, most tech, biggest shit he's ever dropped. always super clean production from WOLF DRAWN. fucking killing it so hard // dont miss this shit.

skate shiTT

some killer full length shit for the weekend.

shiokaze 12

suzkid brings us more coverage of shiokaze /// looks like a good crowd for this one.

one day one night

saytaro devour came through with a quick one. looks like endless amounts of open plaza spots over there.

justin rojas /// quick fix

two posts in a row for justin haha. i love a quick one. some no bike footage and some 26 shit in this one, ill be psyched to see some riding on that newly converted 700 build.

BIKE CHECK /// durcus one killin it on 700's

i hit up justin paul rojas for a bike check cuz you dont see these killin it frames every day and i dont think ive seen one on 700's. super clean build and this thing looks fucking sick on big boy wheels. here's the rundown;
frame:Durcus 1 killin'it 700c?!?!
Front rim: 36h p35
rear rim: 36h p35
Front hub: resist icon
rear hub: resist icon 14mm
stem: unknown
bar: congoloids w/odi long neck grips w/altruistic team bar ends
cranks: resist relapse cranks 165
sprocket: unknown 33t
cog & lockring : 15t cog w/ allcity lockring
chain: shadow conspiracy interlock chain v2
seat: demolition D-fat
seat post: odyssey convertible pivotal
pedals: demolition PC pedals w/ y-not straps
headset:shadow conspiracy corvus
BB: shadow conspiracy corvus {spanish}
Pegs: 3 demolition team pegs
Hub guards: front demolition hub guard rear shadow hub guard
Tires: front and rear Specialized compound control