this is sick /// if you dont already know @thefix_bitch /// you fuckin up. i hit her up a while ago for a bike check and she finally came through. definitely a one of a kind whip, cant say ive seen anyone else get at a conversion like this and its so fucking sick. clean build and an epic concept. psyched to see a fixie pinup girl come to life in video too haha. must see TTv for sure///thanks a shitload for the bike check lady. 

daniel torres /// 4.666 bars

fuck /// daniel switched to beast mode for this one. haha. this is some insane fire right here. so many good clips, going hard as fuck, and i dont usually dig tall bars but these look super sick. fucking pumped on this whole deal, DESTROY is the shit and daniel is on fucking fire right now.

phillip williams /// clandestine

another fucking stack of hammers from phillip williams. i slept on this one, cant believe it slipped past, too fucking good tho. the last two tricks are solid gold fixie highlights. always fucking killing it.

skate shiTT

these were too killer to pass up haha /// boards and babes, you love it. i dont usually like to post up blatant commercials like this... but i couldnt resist putting some summer vibes in the mix. 


this edit is real stylish, killer riding, hit some of the city's most famous spots and got some sick clips for sure. feeling the tunes///the editing and filming is dialed too. top notch flick for sure.


skate shiTT

super sick contest /// red curb slappy shit minishred killing it.