cant fool the youth teaser 3

i think i missed the second teaser/// but this ones sick. if you live in the la area you should cruise through to the premier this saturday in huntington. zane is killing it right now with this project.

quentin au dos /// cosmos

this is pretty sick. not your typical fixie edit either. lots of clips jammed into a short flick, super clean filming and editing. im psyched on the riding/wheelie/hill bomb footage for a look at some other shit on a freestyle whip. quentin obviously knows his way around some camera and editing shit... and he got skills on a bike.

skate shiTT

quartersnacks kicking off memorial day weekend for us.

one day one life

heres one i caught on BOBLOG /// he kills it at keeping up with some shit i miss. keep an eye on his joint.

the hisTTory channel /// midwest mayhem

never forget /// this is THE ORIGINAL fixie comp. way before skateparks were a commonplace, and contests were every weekend, and/or sponsored by mega corporate energy drink brands, the real fucking deal went down. this year is the third annual midwest mayhem, be there, support whats real in fixed. eventually with the way things are going, mega corporations will make their way into our sport and turn it into some tony hawk pro skater bull shit, mothers will bring their children to ride fixies at the skatepark, and a general tone of douche will crowd our rider driven sport... consider your participation in an event like this to be like standing behind what really matters...


too fucking sick. devon smillie kills it. this one has been making the rounds and i hesitated to watch it til this morning/// shouldnt have. so much fucking fire in here.


not to sure what this is about and the website doesnt want to load for me so here it is /// pretty sure i seen this second one before.

n00bs /// three flicks

some pretty solid tricks/// n00bs coming in with tuck no's and barspins like nothing these days. raising the bar haha.

alex chau and william le keep em coming and keep progressing.

new riders coming in world wide.