i love flicks from this squad /// posse gets ruckus haha. these guys bring some necessary flavor to the mix. lots of web flick gems in the mix here. haha.


 if you follow brad on instagram you might have already seen this shit, but im fucking pumped on it. this thing looks so dialed. brad/NEMPRO has been innovating the fixed freestyle frame game since the early days... always bringing some necessary new shit to the table. he is a one man army over there, fucking killing it. i think this thing came out so sick//the fork looks epic, the angles are dialed, dat ass is so tight haha... brad knows what he's doing and it shows. credit this guy for one of the first 26 frames, a pioneer of high/negative bottom brackets, and attention to fgfs innovation when others were just struggling to keep up. support the real deal/// pick one up. made in usa by someone who actually rides bikes...
 Frame info :
Steveland Cleaner 2012 model
Full TrueTemper supertherm construction .
Top and downtubes
Seatube , chainstays and new formed ( not bent) seatstays .
Matt's also running our Supertherm fork and SKYLMT bars with custom leopard heat print .
Total frame weight 4.6 pounds
Total build weight with normal parts 23.0
Contact info -
Frames will retail for $650
Forks for $200

lino & jotta /// in the woods

sick park. THIETH loves the woods. digging those camo ramps too. some good shit goes down///that high speed feeble 180 to explosive makes for a sick intro. psyched to see jotta back on a fixed bike.


young guns not giving a fuck. haha. i can dig that.


skate shiTT // fairdale x roger

i make an effort not to steal posts from other blogs, but PROLLY posted this shit up and i had to put it in the mix. FAIRDALE BIKES X ROGER SKATEBOARDS is some legit shit. this flick is pretty sick and that bike built up clean as fuck. gotta love the matching skate deck colorway and the epic commercial haha.

skate shiTT // aloha fixed

seems like aloha fixed is more like aloha skate these days /// sick to see this squad still putting out flicks tho, but lets see some new fixed shit. 


double rooTTs /// cuz dah streets shit is sick. this mob rolls soo deep.


some flatland to mix shit up. digging the effects on the footage in this one. some good shots and interesting tricks.


...man of many talents haha. women love him, men want to be him, and he can dance like a psycho high schooler at a lmfao concert.

bangkok sessions 2012

looks like some fixed comp shit went down in bangkok /// and finally we see some footage from wonka's trip... even if he's not riding, its sick to see whats going down over there.

weird pista 25

this has to be the longest running fixie series ever. i always overlook these flicks for some reason, but these have been running since waaaaay back.

n00bs /// the bay quickie

30 seconds /// perfect length n00b shit.