daniel fee /// newcastle fixed gear trailer

i love this kind of shit/// some fixie shred through the woods. daniel sent this through with a comment like "not normal fixed freestyle shred", im always fucking psyched to see someone use one of these bikes outside of its "defined" use // this is exactly that. epic scenery and some off road fixie shit. so sick.

the hisTTory channel /// cole ruffing bike check

rollin just posted this one up on facebook /// couldnt resist a reup on this shit. haha. super og cole ruffing bike check. im always psyched to see shit i missed from way back. i try, but i cant catch everything...


theres not a second of this flick that isnt entertaining. lol at the intro, eclipse footage, creative riding overload, coats, dinh, khan, wothe///fucking siiiick squad. dont miss this shit///must see TTv.

skate shiTT

i caught this by way of the "homeboy" compton at PILE HARDWARE. so fucking sick. this is one of the most entertaining skate flicks ive seen in a while, this contest is real and pretty fucking sick. "shredit cards" for winners in the SKATEPARK OF TAMPA online store. such a killer contest concept.

quick clip /// MoN

from what ive seen MoN is selling his fixed whip/// so this might be some of the last we see from him, so enjoy this shit. haha. sick quick one tho, those rails are classic.

rooTTs /// double feature

neither of these was really a "complete" edit, so i thought id throw two out there today.

david jay /// hilo hop

another quick one from david jay/// gettin some hawaii in the mix. always psyched on the island scenery and its sick to see some fixie shred back over there.

quick clip /// jacob santos

not to be confused with jakob santos //// jacob santos is back at it. gettin them threes dialed.

n00bs /// 3 flicks

some neighborhood//front yard shred. sick to have ramps and homies out front the house.

quick clip/// gettin them bars dialed

stephen smith got some potential. lets see some more "makes" next time man