fails and bails

MoN put this together. theres a shitload of fail clips in here. some perfect eat shiTT material for a monday. some funny ones, some painful ones, lots of differnt shit from different riders. epic slam reel///ramon always puts good shit together.


lots of old footage in here /// some killer clips from david grant in the mix too.

(finn zygowski) /// baja quickness

0:14 and the ender are some fucking epic highlites. finn is a fgfs OG, im always psyched to see new shit from this guy. he keeps it raw and creative, makes shit look effortless, and finds unlikely shit to shred. thats a recipe for a killer edit. dont miss this one.

josh silva 2012 teaser

this one caught me off guard /// josh silva killing it. super smoothe style and some hang 5's dialed. i cant wait for some follow up if this is a teaser.

bike check /// anthony combs woodgrain goat

combs got on this one of a kind whip. shit looks so sick. its not everyday you see a woodgrain paint job, and he built that shit up clean. combs definitely has his own style. the riding is so fucking solid too... must see TTv.

big wheel bmx

smoothe//clean park shred.

skate shiTT

high quality skate shit. sick spots in it.

50NIT /// jordan madarang

real solid edit from jordan. this kid has some serious potetial.

fork fail

broken fork with probably best possible outcome. real lucky to walk away from a fork just fucking folding under the bike like that. 

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

n00bs // four flicks