merlin meuris /// melting pot

pretty sick. some bmx in the mix too. merlin flies under the radar and these flicks are, and is on some n00b, only been posting flicks since like 2 months ago. cant wait to see how this shit progresses.

FOAD /// look mom no pegs

haha. gotta love the title. someones getting crank arm grinds dialed. this is e service's little brother. so fucking sick to see some younger ones come out of the woodwork and kill it. i wanna see a full edit from this guy. FOAD always brings some good shit to the table.

first try fridays /// jimmy watcha

ive said it before /// watch the fuck out for this kid. he's killing it.


its like a movie with a good soundtrack.

this is how we chill

this ones kinda long but theres some bike shit in the mix once you get to it.


raw quick style rooTTs.

skate shiTT

starts off a little slow but theres some good shit in here. cruise around town, keep it loose.

sam hansen for balhogs

such a sick sequence. sam kills it /// BALHOGS stays fucking shit up.

"N-avigate KEEL-700c /// FGFS Frameset prototype"

i dont know the details /// but i caught this on youtube so here it is...


some front yard shred.