quick clip /// pissy

tony k just upped this quick clip of your man piss dog. killing shit///reppin that CSK jersey if you know whats good.

quick clip /// toyo truck driver

caught this one on BOBLOG /// toyo workin on his trucks. some crazy looking fails in the mix but he gets it dialed at the end. cant wait to see where he takes this shit.

skate shiTT

these zonk vision flicks are fucking amazing. i caught this by musgrave on vimeo. so creative, so fucking entertaining. must see TTv for sure.


so good.

big wheel bmx

some solid big bike park shred /// watching people flow through bowls makes that shit look real fun


no pros no hammers no hype /// just some sick raw street bmx shit. i caught this by way of bob woods likes on vimeo. shits entertaining and a look at some bmx from the other side of the world.

quick clip /// jiwoo

solid, raw footage style quick clip. only one pedal check in there, speed kept up, smoothe style for sure.

n00bs /// three flicks

always sick to see some new shit from around the world. silesia fixed got a fucking killer local skatepark to ride too.

some tarck shit in the first half of this one///classic.

some creative box setups in this one.