missing toronto

gotta love the tunes on this one hahaha. swoo knows how to put an edit together. sounds like he has moved out of toronto but was sitting on a stack of footage from some of fixies finest up north. so much good shit in here, so many killer spots, toronto is some epic scenery///you shouldnt have left swoo. ha.

bike check /// lucas new charmer 26

this build is so clean /// wait for the bike check at the end... and that spot with the tile and the wall ride is so fucking sick.


trending like a motherfucker.

skate shiTT

dalba flicks are my new favorite skate shit. sick raw grass roots grit. feeling that cobra smash at 1:04

francis roque /// may 2012

francis not only holds it down for his "homies" keeping their shit filmed and posted, but it looks like he's been stacking footage for this solo joint right here. some real solid lines in it and a huge leap forward for his style//smootheness on a bike. got some nollie shit dialed too, real solid solo flick.

falls #2

some eat shit raw footage /// lots of solid fails in here. definitely worth the watch 4 minutes of gold entertainment. haha.

posse friday #2

is it just me or does this squad get more wild with every flick hahaha. i love these posse fridays keep that shit coming. they even got some chicks in the mix this time and some based tunes for your ears haha.

sMc /// irvine tease

irvine got a deep squad of fixie rippers. sick to see these guys progress, they been dedicated to coming up and it shows. sMc put irvine spots on the map.

n00bs /// david jay /// hilo quickie

psyched to see some hawaiian scenery in the mix again. david jay holding it down. keep em coming man.