omar sebai /// skatepark day

some of the la areas young killers in this one. omar always brings quality flicks to the table. im feeling the eazy-e soundtrack///omar is looking real comfortable on his bike these days and the rest of the squad came through with some legit clips.

dealwithitsf///snow o'connel

when shit like this drops its hard to keep a caption short /// theres soooo much good shit in here its insane, and from someone who flies under the radar. fucking mind blowing when a flick like this drops. 700c riding at its finest, it doesnt get much better than this. fast paced, creative spots, creative use of spots, super smoothe style, i could go on /// but just watch this shit. so fucking good. MUST SEE TTv /// FUCKING KILLING IT.
check out DEALWITHITSF for more. he keeps the hits coming and covers some inline too. sick blog for sure.

1 day in san diego

chacon is a fixed freestyle og so its always fucking sick to see some new shit from him. the lines in the warehouse are sick hahaha, sick to see nick in the mix too///seems like we dont see enough from these two, but they both kill it. thanks for the look inside leaderbike too, everyones always interested to see how shit goes down.

swede /// spring clips

swede flicks are few and far between, but when they drop its always fire.

MoN /// the past week

mon is relentless with the fgfs coverage. non stop flicks for a long time running now. digging the footplant shit in here.progression with every edit, and he gets around to everywhere. always so sick.


this edit is fucking fire. so much good shit in here. raw gritty roots.

big wheel bmx

some sick spots in here. kazy always holds it down with the legit big bike flicks. more pegs, more rigid forks, less motocross haha, thats what i look for in a big bike flick.

we ride seoul city part 1

part one implies a series/// hopefully they keep this going. seoul used to hammer out flicks non stop.

skate shiTT

caught this one via pepy on fb

sesh clip #7 /// jonah kessel

michael guntetong keeps the sex sesh clips coming with #7 featuring jonah kessel aka boy wonder or some shit like that haha. jonah kills it///keep this series going.

n00bs /// four flicks

caught this one on BOBLOG /// new name to me, but his style is dialed.

milpitas rides morrill/// these guys have been keeping it coming lately.

new names coming out of everywhere these days.

trvthless in texas

cody thompson got some texas footage. bbq included. looks like a good trip and some unconventional riding. always sick to see somethign new from this guy.


francis just upped a couple flicks one minute with each of these riders. under a minute is perfect. looks like this could grow into a series. i hope he keeps it going. one is fixed, one is bmx.

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

you gotta wait for this one. its like, monday didnt suck enough, so hears a fucking follow up.