david grant /// killing it

so fucking pumped on this /// prolly and tj twitted this shit at me. david grant is one of my favorites to watch in bmx and congo took some shirts over to the OSS house.... looks like he actually wears that shit. CLICK THROUGH and check out the rest of the photos, cant wait to see some clips from this.

skate shiTT

jerry always kills it and tiltmode is the shit /// signature style and killer creativity.


lots of sick shit in here /// but that kinked up rail at 2:55 is so sick.

n00bs /// two flicks

kinda choppy quality /// but its throwaway /// no fucks given

some bike toss in the mix /// i used to do a shitload of that with my skateboard when i was younger

yard shred /// two flicks

sick yard for sure.

two flicks of some stay at home yard shred.