quick clip /// gabe garcia

sick 180 bar quick clip /// gabe's been killing it lately.

stoked on fixed bikes 8

the eighth edition of SOFB is out. lots of fixed freestyle shit in the mix.

raw mind movement presents swoo

its been way too long since we seen something from swoo, and way too long since this dropped haha. totally missed this one first time around, but its here now if you missed it. always good shit, sick to see swoo still at it.

helltrack v

i dont usually post race shit, but this looks sick. the 5th helltrack in toronto. sick seeing a freestyle element incorporated. maybe more people would race if it was put in that context. tom is always one to innovate, they got some good shit going up there in toronto.

skate shiTT

YOUDONTKNOW ISLANDMOB /// this posse is fucking sick. epic raw skate shit at its finest. SF is home to legendary skateboarding, homeless, chaos, and fucking weirdos haha///this shit captures the whole thing. so sick. grass roots killing it. thanks to jeffrey munoz for pasting this shit on my fb wall /// keep watch for a full length from these guys.


fuck /// i was just wondering when we would see some new shit from lamarche. this is insane. fuck being #fixiefamous, toms a legend. its not worth pointing out clips when theres so much fire in here, tom fucking kills it every time he drops new shit.

...for reference. here's some early tom. fucking killing it back then, and came a looooong fucking way from here. the progression is unreal.


caught this one on sean coats like list on vimeo. super sick creativity in here. i fucking love that kind of shit.

peter chen /// quick edit

peter went ham for this shit. that last rail is pretty fucking big. cant wait to see how this kids style develops.

the hisTTory channel

jball sent this through, i watched it, and i realized, some of you young ones out there might not realize where the fuck this shit came from. waaay back before solid frames, dual 26" builds, and bmx parts... people did tricks on track bikes haha. this was pretty much the "essence" of early fgfs. im glad it developed from here, but i kinda wish some of these current "fast bike" riders would get back on some tarck shit and show us whats good.

skate shiTT

brad got out to catalina for the fucking skate and wine mixer haha. i dunno how i feel about the ben harper part, but the skate shit seemed pretty killer. brad snagged some good shots throughout on instagram, and the mini ramp session looks like some good shit "popped off". theres even a clip from brad in the mix. siiiiick.