santos took his chick over to catalina for some cutesie birthday shit/// while he was out there he managed to get a couple clips filmed at the local park. looks pretty sick. its empty, and probably the first time anyones hit that spot on a fixed bike. he puts in work, that box to rail setup was fucking sick, and he scouted out a killer steep handrail on the island too. always killing it.


OH MY GOD PISS GOD those last two clips are fucking insane. this edit packs some fucking heat and WOLFDRAWN always chops it up right /// one last 700c edit? doubt it... but theres a bunch of sick shit in here, the green rollercoaster rail was so sick. too many stand out tricks, dont be stupid, watch this shit now/// fucking killing it.

fixie de mayo

MoN was in town for a few days and snagged some fucking killer clips of your favorite fixie factory super heroes /// looks like joe got back wheelie bars on lock... and someones stank ass needed febreeze, mustve been the cinco de mayo beans. haha. MoN always kills it.

planet hops /// hope to hop

planet hops always brings some good shit to the mix. pretty big "hop" at the end haha. sick for sure.


Holy shit! This is one of the best slpit edits i've seen. Alex Kennedy and Simone Barraco kill it. There was a few pretty fixie tricks in this 5 cab and the whip skid to 3 was so sick!


the hisTTory channel // tom and wonka

this is a sick lookback. two fgfs superheros in tokyo almost three years ago.

the hisTTory channel /// kris lockedcog

big respect goes out to kris. he's been holding it down for a loooong fucking time. i rememeber when this edit dropped, i was so fucking psyched on pedal grinds. kris played a part in innovating fixed tricks, and continues to push it. click through to LOCKEDCOG/// respect a boss.

skate shiTT

today has been pre scheduled so far /// THIETH is in a meeting all morning. this ones been up on vimeo for a while, but i never caught it first time around. if you love some HD shit, dont miss it.

skate shiTT

im sure this one brings in mixed opinions from skate "purists" //// but its definitely entertaining shit. if you never seen this, dont miss it. even if you dont skate/dont watch skate edits... this is one of those flicks that everyone can enjoy.


something you can "shake dat ass" to. hahaha.


crispy stream is nonstop entertainment. cant get enough of these flicks.

skate shiTT

so fucking good. raw, creative, timeless skate shit. must see TTv.

tuesday sucks /// eat shiTT

i missed my monday post, so tuesday fucking sucks this week. classic faceplant shit/// i hate it when you just slammed, you dont know how bad the shit is, and one of your friends blows the shit out of proportion. slams always feel way fucking worse when someone over reacts. do your friends a favor, keep your fucking head on straight when they slam. remain fucking calm haha.