209COGS /// one day edit pt. 2

always good from 209COGS these guys keep em coming non stop. theres a couple real hammers (0:17wtf) in the mix.

bike check /// marwin wizard ou's ldg

fucking sick to see some new shit from wizard. its been way too long, and he is certified og. been in it since the beginning. his build is clean, and theres some riding towards the end. wizard still got it. so psyched to see some riding from him, and some new tricks in the mix too. STAY FUESH

big wheel bmx

yeah theres some 20" in the mix /// but its mostly big bike, or at least half haha. check that line at 1:14, too fucking good.


 ive heard some talk of these shirts for a little while now, but had no idea what to expect from the graphics. these destroyed my expectations by a long shot. so fucking sick. if ur blind, you might have missed that tyler is exposed to and interested in fashion, these graphics speak that, are so dialed, and executed with excellence. real psyched to see these, plan to get my hands on one asap. click through and snag one at THE BLOGGING MILES STORE

420 fixed

i dont know how i missed this one/// looks like a good 4/20 alfonso garcia killing it.

quick clip /// rooTTs

waaaay too sick not to post up. epic quick clip.


theres nothing bad you can even think to say about this edit. CSK fucking kills, and this is pure entertainment. ruff really knows how to "rally the team" hahaha. the jerseys came out sick, and the basketball footage is classic/// not to mention, theres some riding in here that will fuck your head up. creative as a motherfucker///CSK4LYF

phillip williams /// resurgence

phil is back at it with and still killing it. so many sick spots and insane use of spots. phillip and sam really know how to put a flick together, they got their style dialed... glad to see shark back at it after that slam a bit ago. shit was brutal, but he still looks fearless.

bike check /// alex blanco bb17

these frames are sick. alex's build looks killer, but the real highlite here is that spoke bottle opener haha. so fucking epic.

quick clip /// bruh. why bother man, like really?

nice title. im always fucking pumped on new shit from torey. he kills it, and his mind is in another world most of us will never experience. haha. always sick /// read WRAHW

skate shiTT

this spot is fucking sick. diy skate spot dreamland or some shit.

packy golan /// quick clip /// clip of the week

sick quick clip from packy /// he's calling it "clip of the week" which implies to me that theres more to come every week? i fucking hope so.


ultra sick creative tech shit.

fixed gunners

more from the UK and your favorite NINJACAT MOTHERFUCKERS.


SAD PATCHES just dropped at WOLF DRAWN /// these things are so fucking sick, and only 4 bucks. CLICK THROUGH and pick up a few of em at that price. i already threw mine on a pair of my favorite pants, so all those hot sluts constantly staring at my ass will now know whats good.

quick clip /// bboyin

tony k and justin rojas at houghton bringing out justins inner ninja bboy haha.

A.S.S. clips #4

these keep getting better. this squad rides non stop, keeps flicks coming non stop, and progresses every time we see something from them. always psyched to see you guys killing it.

n00bs /// 3 flicks

always psyched to see some TT shirts in the mix. these guys are kinda new to the web flick game. they got their heads in the right place and makes some entertaining shit for sure. psyched to see these flicks progress.

one liner /// not feeling it, throw it away haha. alec keeps em coming tho.

n00b gang /// lots of potential in this one.


merry christmas