n00bs /// after school

digging this one // raw footage style. you gotta love the commentary haha. sick for sure. young guns getting it.

francis roque /// one day at eldoraldo

francis has been keeping em coming lately. solid skatepark edit from the squad up there. these guys keep progressing and that skatepark looks like a good spot for it.

rooTTs /// osiris

some sick bmx shit from shajn raines and osisirs /// never forget d3's hahahahahaha

skate shiTT

heroin skateboards with some fucking epic "stylized" skate shit. too fucking good.


seems like its been too long since i posted up some bonedeth shit //// so here it is, and one i hadnt seen before. some sick shit in here.

skate shiTT

creature kills it.


remain calm

TOMMY MAO // skate shiTT

tommy put together some skate shiTT /// always psyched to see you guys get out and skate. starts off a little slow but theres some killer shit in here once it gets rolling.

big wheel bmx

some skatepark mini shred


your man JMIK AT BHSK got some killer photo coverage from redbull // click through and check that shit out.

SHMOB saTTurdays//rooTTs: Marcos Revuelta

Marcos has been killing it ever since I met him at the local park in my early days of riding. This is his latest edit//dude goes hard as fuck.