citygrounds at ride&style

CITYGROUNDS got out to the redbull event // you already know they got one of the hardest teams in the game. they put together this flick of some coverage from the event. some killer angles on shit and super clean filming.


its fucking official /// HOLD FAST FRAMES are here. im so fucking pumped on this, i cant believe they dropped all three at the same time. the 29er is probably one of the most legit on the market right now, 26er geo looks real good too, and the 24 is still a topic for discussion hahaha, but im sure that shit is fun to ride. im so pumped on this/// cant wait to see some builds. CLICK THROUGH NOW and check it

skate shiTT

compton just posted this up on fb /// way too fucking sick not to post up.


this was one of the hardest hammers at the whole comp. i missed the clip, but it looks like ZLOG got it. so fucking sick. TJ was on fucking fire on saturday, finding sick lines, he killed it and definitely deserved his spot on the podium.

rooTTs /// eat shiTT

HOLY SHIT /// caught this one on THECOMEUP it was posted under the title "disgusting crash video", and ill go with the same warning they gave, VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED, if you cant handle some fucked up looking shit, you might not want to watch this. couldnt resist re-posting this.

skate shiTT

i been following this squad for a while now /// but it looks like they started some new shit called BUSTCREWSUNDAYS /// click through and check it out/stay posted for bi-weekly edits. itll be fucking sick if they keep em coming consistently.

n00bs /// andy ha quickie

real solid for some shit filmed in under 30 minutes, and you gotta love that based soundtrack haha. andy has some solid fucking tricks under his belt.

n00bs // /james deleon

digging that front flip intro haha. real solid flick tho // he's obviously got barspins locked down. im secretly a doors fan so im fucking psyched on the song choice.

eyeTTunes /// six for friday

this ones for you tone /// ive hesitated to post it, but im into this one right now. 

i listen to this shit on the way to work.

broaden your horizons.

i know ive posted this before /// but it remains one of my favorite high production movie type videos.

you already know whats good with that.

one of my favorites. big variety with this one. its friday /// fuck school, fuck work, watch videos.

n00bs /// no rail is safe

n00bs getting down with some rail training and fucked that shit up hahaha. it was a decent rail before they got there lol /// aint that a bitch.


63 fixed just unloaded some entertainment on youtube // hopefully they keep it coming. bike check, stem review, and a superted bike check. some good shit. i have one of those thompson stems on my bruiser, so legit, im a big fan of thompson shit... and the superted bike check is off TTopic, but by all means one of the meanest frankenstein bikes ive ever seen hahaha. ted is a fucking mad scientist.


if you didnt already catch this at PROLLY /// check it. i havent really formed an opinion yet, but this is a dedicated 24" fixed freestyle whip. dont talk shit til you try it haha. i saw one comment that said something to the effect of, dont look at this as a new direction, but more of an experiment. thats a good way to look at it for sure. from the beginning when people did tricks on track bikes, there has always been separation among the group /// "elitists" saying that the new shit is stupid, while others dive right in. who gives a fuck what this "sport" is supposed to be or how its been defined in the past. who the fuck knows where this will be a year from now... stay tuned to PROLLY for updates on this thing.