quick clip /// foad footplant

lol //// "beast mode" hahaha. fucking sick quick clip from FOAD / jackson and connor killing it with some mini shred.

christian musgrave /// fixed farewell

musgrave's latest is fucking sick. looks like he stacked clips for this edit. so much good shit in here, some high speed lines, some killer tech shit, and that fucking ender is soooo sick. musgrave is definitely on some next level shit with this one. must see TTv////fucking killing it.

pedal mobbin /// team video

this is PEDAL MOBBIN official team edit. the squad is sick and they obviously stacked clips for this one. sick to see dylan fishnchips in the mix here, and yersons fire bike, that wheelie to faceplant off the loading dock, so much good shit in this flick. click through and check em out, emortal clothing store, consistently updated blog, skate shit, looks good across the board. thanks to yerson for sending this through.

bike check /// BB17 charmer

another sick BB17 CHARMER build and a super clean filmed edit. lots of real good shots in here. who doesnt love a murdered out whip. click through and buy one, you'll like it hahaha.


sick fucking fakie wheel rider by chacon /// BHSK killing it on ride n style photo coverage too. click through and check out what he's got so far. psyched to see more. big thanks to jmik for sending this shit through// you know i fucking love gifs. hopefully he drops some more of these.

joe mckeag /// killing it at redbull ride n style

for those of you who thought joe mckeag was a "one trick pony" lol /// you thought wrong. he's a fucking polar bear bitch. hahahaha.


ive only seen the two clips ive posted so far /// but this is some crazy shit. i didnt know what to expect when we put out the call for clips, but this is insane. these two fuckers ALWAYS keep it interesting, always catch me off guard, and "never cease to impress". epic work guys.

MSTRFM /// summer teaser

this is a summer teaser so they are hyping summer time hahaha. that target ledge keeps showing up. the bum jump is a fucking highlite haahahahaha.

francis roque /// weekend

francis says this is "some not serious shit" sometimes thats the best shit. im into this one. lots of good clips, some creative tricks in the mix.

skate shiTT

i always dig a black and white edit /// caught this one by oman core on fb. slap kills. /// in other skate news, check that element video FUTURE NATURE, its up at the ELEMENT WEBSITE . look for the homie PILE HARDWARE sticker props in the mix at 02:17. psyched to see some grass roots shit getting out there.

tony k /// first try mondays

gets out the car and gets it done /// tony k is one of the most underrated fixie shredders out there.

n00bs /// three flicks

angel keeps getting better. im psyched on this edit style with that redblue shit going on.

max gets loose no matter the spot. tracked down some pretty sick ledges for this one. 

slyfix squad keeps em coming// keeps progressing.