killer flick from the other side of the world. caught this over at BOBLOG // click through and check it, he keeps the hits coming and snags some shit i tend to miss due to translation and search abilities that come with that.

bike check /// ruff's bb17 proto

this build is fucking sick. ruff knows how to put one together /// we've seen a some epic builds from him in the past, but this one takes the cake. this is the BB17 next gen charmer proto and its looking sick. geo looks dialed, and you already know they come through with quality comfortable bikes. fucking pumped to see this one into production. click through to the BB17 BLOG for way more pics and build specs. much respect to BB17 and CSK //// two of the greatest that fixed bikes has ever known.

MoN /// a day in sf

some fixed some bmx /// MoN is a webflick powerhouse. nonstop entertainment coming from this guy.

the hisTTory channel /// SHMOB at redbull

my man shane had the epic street coverage from last years ride n style /// hopefully he comes through again. this shit was so sick, one of the first edits to drop/// so many TT shirts in the mix. shane killed it. still uncertain if ill make it this year, but shane will definitely be there so look out for the tallest blonde haired fucker you can find hahaha.

skate shiTT

caught this one over at TRONGYOURMIND /// epic local skate shit. this one goes way back, but theres some killer clips in the mix. trong is on some OG shit, they been killing the local "turf" for ages and continue... lookkool was a project from way back and it still holds up imo. head over there and get your trong on///dont fuck around.

LABrakeless /// saturday sessions #3

more fire from LABRAKELESS /// lots of young rippers on this squad. venice high looks like a mellow spot to chill out and ride. some good shit goes down.

skate shiTT

some fucking killer high speed hill lines in the mix. im always pumped on that kind of shit.

off TTopic // fixies in energy drink commercials

omar o'reilly tweeted this shit at me. fgfs whip in an energy drink commercial /// theres even a peg on it LOL.



someone posted this on fb yesterday /// some epic creative shit in here.

FIXIE FACTORY: Red Bull Ride N Style

packing up and ready to head out, Corey is stoked! See you there! -a