some rap shit /// been fuckin pumped on this one for a while. snagged from WOLF DRAWN'S music mondays a while back. if you not staying posted on that shit, you fuckin stupid. he constantly delivers and stays up on good shit.

quick clips /// triple play

this is fucking epic. super young one shredding some wheelie action.

more from the posse /// psyched on this squad.


big wheel bmx

good shit. fast paced edit.

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

this one couldnt have been upped at a better time haha. i fucking hate mondays/// eat shit.


some killer shit from MILKYCE /// looks like they headed to london and found some killer spots. diggin the bmx track shred, shit looks like fun.

the posse ///

i guess this spot blows up on fridays. dig these flicks. keep em coming.

skate shiTT

more retarded fuck around from dalba. really dig his flicks.

this one was tagged with TTv /// fucking pumped on that.

MoN /// joey harais /// rooTTs

looks like mon put this bmx edit together. this guy goes fucking huge in here.

n00bs ///

theres some good shit in here. this squad keeps getting better, getting some good clips, good tricks dialed.

spun keeps em coming.

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

fuck work