im alway psyched when that new KVLT KLIPS drops /// these shits are always sick, and always packed with fuckloads of clips/fuckloads of variety. as usual, theres way too much shit in here to call out highlights... and as usual, these guys fucking killed it. check the link to see the whole series. WOLFDRAWN edits are always some of my favorites and this one wont disappoint.

MoN /// hello antonyo

here's another one i missed /// been fucking sleeping on shit lately. MoN keeps the flicks coming non stop and tone is one of my favorites in fixed. he has a style all his own... i wanna see a stacked solo edit, seems like its been too long. he's got so much good shit dialed these days. caught this one on MASHAFIX

jakob santos /// 1 day 1 spot

this looks like a mellow spot to chill out and ride. santos is a fucking web flick factory these days. non stop with it. always psyched to see some new shit from this guy.

westfixed presents pedro oliveira

this one goes back a couple months but i missed it. west fixed keeps the good shit coming. i try to stay on top of all the web flicks that drop, but shit slips through the cracks sometimes.

bike check /// BB17 CHARMER V2 PROTO

head over to BB17 BLOG for full details. these look sick. some minor improvements to the geo and construction. people who get on these tend to be fucking psyched on em// cant wait to hear back on the v2. BB17 has been killing it since the start. quality shit, attention to detail, rider driven /// always good.


skate shiTT

get creative /// its not all about hammers. caught this via gnar brad on fb.too sick not to reup.

off TTopic // bike check?

another thruster bike check /// i have a feeling we're gunna see a shitload of these in the future... we'll be tracking the thruster apocalypse. hahaha