tony k /// no moe

tony always brings some killer quick clips /// this ones epic. bump jump smith is sooo fucking sick.


santos has been killing it with the flicks /// keeping good shit coming non stop. this ones sick. he hit that new DIY spot with some fire. sick doubles shit in here, and his new setup is looking real clean. santos stays killing shit. always pumped to see a flick from this guy.

skate shiTT

grass roots skate shit from barcelona. the spots there are some of the best. i always get pumped on footage from barcelona.

quick clip /// jball // oppo.

this clip is soo sick. digging special effects in it. jball goes both ways. hahaha. this guy is constantly killing it.

michael trinh

this ones quick. i cant say ive seen a lot from michael trinh, but this is definitely solid. kind of caught me off guard. good smoothe riding. 


this ones nothing new/// but i was cruising the BANNED blog, this one was up, and i hadnt seen it. banned shit is always sick.


this is sick. haha. the FIXIE FACTORY always keeps shit entertaining. i want that "im with pissy" shirt /// all these are fucking rad. caught this at WOLFDRAWN and had to post it up. get in there and buy some shit, classic "inside" humor like this is some "special" shit hahaha. get into it.


n00bs /// 3 flicks

corey busa coming in with a short one. some good clips in here.

this ones for all the n00bs out there /// learn that shit without indian givers... its easier to learn it right than it is to correct a bad habit.

lots of clips stacked for this one. even some freewheel shit in the mix.