SHMOB saTTurdays: sTTay TTuned

Johnny and I stacked some clips today////

francis roque /// april 2012

francis really put some shit together for this one. definitely some of the best riding we've seen from him... a big stack of clips, solid straight through, quick cuts, quick tricks, good flick all around. keep em coming francis.


caught this one on BMXFU /// to sick not to repost.

skate shiTT

snagged this from MOSTLY SKATEBOARDING /// my favorite skate blog. check em out for some of the best in grass rooTTs skate shit.


saTTurday morning slow jam.

n00bs /// anthony teitelbaum

this one from anthony is pretty sick. solid n00b solo edit. lots of spots, good variety, some real solid clips in it. always psyched to see a n00b come through with a stacked edit like this.

n00bs /// merlin meuris

just ran across these flicks /// but this is some pretty killer n00b shit from merlin meuris on vimeo. he's been keeping the flicks coming for the past month. the first one here is pretty sick. not your typical soundtrack///good spots//weird shit in the mix. psyched on it. dont miss this one.


tarck flicks are few and far between /// so i thought id start a TTARCK tag and collection of flicks. i think its some "nostalgic" shit to look back on and imo its sick that some people still get down with it.