quick clip /// matthew montoya

fuck i been sleeping on this shit lately. heres one from matthew montoya from a couple days ago. sick quick clips for sure. good style tech shit dialed. epic quick clip. not too many people got legit hop in hang 5's like that.

jonah kessel + sadio

jonah kills it. psyched to see this kid coming up real quick. matt reyes edits are always super clean, always entertaining, some of the best out there/ jonahs clips are legit. this edit is killer.

rooTTs x the hisTTory channel

caught this on fb by way of tom molyneux // shis sick old school bmx. sick to look back on the "glory days" or some shit like that/// but keep in mind thats where we are with fixed right now so stay psyched on that shit.


redbull paid me $300 to post this ad. kidding /// this shit was fun last year and im sure it will be round two of the same good times. havent decided if ill be there yet, but all these riders are way too fucking pumped on their invites not to post it up//// 4/28/10 @ JUSTIN HERMIN PLAZA 11AM. CLICK HERE FOR MORE. 


FOAD flicks are always epic. fuck you if you dont like the intro in this one hahaha i got a good laugh out of it. new spots // good riding // progression across the board. another dialed edit from foad.

jamil gray /// april 2012

jamil has been flying under the radar working on his project /// THE ESTABLISHED /// that doesnt mean he's not still holding it down on the bike. ive always been a fan of jamils style he kills it. so sick to see somehting new, and so many good spots, good clips, good everything in this flick.

skate shiTT /// double feature

too much good skate shiTT to just post one today. this ones got some killer mini shred and epic transitions between clips. so fucking sick/// and raw footage style. clean as fuck and equally entertaining.

this ones also epic. frank gerwer is still alive, hahaha. this ones some themed fuck around shit. too good not to get in the mix.

jball // tarck session

i know some of you are glad these days are over, but i think its sick to see a flashback. jball kills it no matter what he rides and its obvious he came up on a tarck setup with this skillset.


fucking sick to see packy getting some deserved attention and support. MACHETE squad is going to be sick. keep an eye on these fuckers and watch the fuck out for packy in the future /// i expect big things from both sides.

n00bs //

some fixed mixed withs some bmx /// nothing crazy just some mellow good clips.

putting it down for ldg /// i always dig seeing bikes built up