off TTopic? /// thruster bike check

this is epic "for the haters" /// resist/burro/animal pretty legit thruster setup haha. waaaay too good not to post up.

krislc /// tommyknockers

about fucking time we see some new shit from krisLOCKEDCOG /// lots of good clips in this one. he's the original no frs killer. he always keeps it creative and pops off some skid shit even without straps. indian giver shoutout for the lulz haha. sick edit, always original, always creative. must see TTv.

omar sebai /// spring b-sides

this shits siiiick. you get a second angle on elliots massive drop. lots of good b-side shit.

skate shiTT

network skate keeps this quick three series coming.

n00bs ///

off day

feeling the intensity in this one hahaha. good shit.


spuns been keepin em coming lately // some bmx in the mix.