bike check /// yerson varela's ryd hotwheel

i hit up yerson on fb when i saw this build /// couldnt pass up bike checking this thing. the flames is so sick. dialed fucking build epic paint job. this is one of my favorite fixed bike paint jobs to date. fucking pumped on it, and loving that picture of yerson paying homage hahaha. epic/killing it, here's the rundown;
FRAME: ryd conflict aka (the hotwheel) lol
FORK: bb17 cobra
BARS AND STEM: sadio 420 bars animal og stem
SEAT AND SEATPOLE: throne ryd seat and ryd sealpole
CRANS AND SPROKET:  ryd bici crank arms ryd mundo sproket 
RIMS AND HUBS: meats lace to ryd beats hubs
STRAPS: best straps ever famli
TIRES:wtb2.2 and the back geax 2.3 in the front

max pulice for emortal

solid solo flick from max /// goin hard for this one and it shows. that intro slam was fucking solid. thanks for the shoutout on vimeo mayne.


if you didnt already see elliot coming /// you fuckin up. they cut straight to the fucking hammer on this one. that first clip has been "highly anticipated". check the photo below to get some perspective on it. such a good edit, elliott has so much style// fast paced, so many good lines, so many clips jammed in 1:30. holding it down for local brands too (R0YALHC AND RYD)must see TTv /// fucking killing it.

skate shiTT

double up today/// but this looks sick. epic fuckaround shit. video coming soon.

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

caught this one yesterday // fucking brutal. this is how mondays in a cubicle feel haha. fuck you monday//eat shit.

a day at fairfield skatepark

mon has been relentless with the web edits/// and its sick to see him reppin that TT shirt non stop. this flick got some bmx and fixed in the mix... that skatepark looks killer, and the riding is solid. ramon is progressing quick these days.

bike check /// marwins ldg hammer

marwin has always had FUESH builds and this things clean as fuck. im always a fan of local shit and marwin has been holding it down since day one. click through and check out FUESH if you dont already know whats good, theres also more bike check pics /// heres the full build spec;
Frame: LDG hammer
Fork: Sadio 420
Headset: LDG
Stem: LDG Santos
Bars: LDG Santos
Grips: Odyssey
Saddle: Resist Pivotal
Seatpost: Sadio Pivotal
Pegs: Front - Demolition, Rear - Shadow Conspiracy
Bottom Bracket: Demolition
Crank Arms: Demolition
Pedal: Thermalite
Chain: KHE Halflink
Straps: Royal HC
Sprocket: LDG Coffin 30t
Cog/Lockring: EAI 12t/ Allcity lockring
Hubs: Front – BMX velocity, Rear- Resist 14mm
Rims: Velocity Phychos
Tires: Front – Maxxis ,  Rear - schwalbe big apple


the GRIME WEBSITE got a new look /// shit came out so clean. if you havent seen it yet, click through and check it. lots of good shit in the mix and it functions real nice too.

skate shiTT

this shits not new but its sooo fucking sick. if you never seen it/// dont miss it. gravette fucking kills.


on some lol shit. i love crispy flicks.

n00bs /// kenny saab

watch the fuck out for this young gun. he fucking goes for it.

n00bs /// justin rojas

justin has pretty good style and stacked some for this one. psyched to see him filming non stop lately.

quick clip /// flyout 3

quick 3 /// check that landing haha. i dig it.

n00bs /// slyfix

slyfix has been hammering out flicks non stop.