bike check /// jacob santos ryd

this ones sick. killer build. ryd is holding it down in the la area/// tons of you guys ride these. those resist tires are making everyones whip look so fucking good. check the royal hc shoutout in the mix too hahahaha "tell paul you know me". jacob is killing it these days, his riding has come a long way... always psyched to see clips from him.

max gardener /// reppin that TT

yee max came through with some front yard shred /// reppin that TT shirt hard. siiiick.


i dont consider myself a big ragga listener and i definitely dont get down with no bob marley or some shit like that/// but i cant get enough of this kalonji shit. check it.

rooTTs /// hoder

heres some hoder shit i hadnt seen before. the last 4 clips are fucking insane. so much massive shit in this one. dont miss it if you havent seen it.

skate shiTT

thanks to denis for the fb link. pure fucking epic skateboarding. alien workshop so you already know...


good filming, good riding, good weather, good times. interesting music selection.


some pretty solid flatground /// pho for breakfast. bike control is getting more dialed everytime i see an edit from these guys.

n00bs // quick clip // andy ha

THIETH loves  a quick clip.



mostly fixie shit

mostly fixie shit in this one, but the rock shred at the end is siiiick.

n00bs // friday

nothing like a sunny day and skate park to yourself. thats whats good.