the store has been open for a week and we are almost sold out already. real psyched on all the early purchases, you guys fucking kill it. if you still want something, act fast, i probably wont re-stock for a month or so. WWW.THIETH.COM

skate shiTT

more skate shit // its friday, fuck work, fuck school, watch videos.


SHRED kills it over and over/// pepy just dropped this solo joint and its stacked with clips. they got some super sick shit to ride over there. keep an eye on this squad, they coming up hard these days. the flicks keep coming, the blog stays updated/// psyched to see pepy reppin that #huyamouf in it.


looks like BONEDETH is having a contest/giving away some grips. unfortunately theres no riding in this, and i doubt they take fixed submissions... still sick/head over to the BONEDETH BLOG and get some.


DOSE is sick // enjoy the show.


theres a DIY spot in the works somewhere in LBC /// no details, but im fucking pumped to see what comes of this.

n00bs /// san joaquin sesh

pretty sick n00b shit. all flatground, but dude in the orange helmet got lines for days.

off TTopic

classic // if you never saw it, this is some must see TTv. hahahaha. someone just posted this up on facebook and i had to re-up.

vm project /// Byclipse | YS | Spring

sick lighting///

max pulice /// 8 stair sesh

hahahaha ghost rides are the new barspins

skate shiTT

no hammers here /// skatepark fuck around.

n00bs /// daniel martinez

daniel got some good style on his 180s // no indian givers