i love it when epic flicks drop later in the day/// and this ones sick. three of "fixies" finest, and three of my favorite riders at that tearing down the hurley park. you already know when its santos, congo, and joe, its gunna be fucking sick. so many good clips in here. must see TTv.


this is one minute of pure fire from WOLFDRAWN. matt's always been creative, but it seems like he fell into a "sweet spot" with this///trick and style synergy or some shit. this is one of the most dialed/refined set of clips we've seen from him in a while. maybe he threw the shit together quick, maybe he stacked em... but this edit is sick for sure. fucking killing it. CSK IS BLOWING UP RIGHT NOW////CSK4LYF.

tyler nakamoto /// spring break edit

wait... wheres all the bikini bitches, booze, and beach footage?? this cant be a spring break edit. hahaha. theres some pretty sick clips in here. n00bs coming up.


SIIIIIIICK /// i cant wait for this to drop. shits epic. this covers a road trip through the "deep south" featuring some fucking fixed super heroes, including the elusive miles mathia, lamarche, torey, and killa kareem of course. available for digital download sooon /// LOOSENUTS for details.


the first shipment of shirts went out /// fucking psyched to see you guys getting em and posting that shit up. BIG thanks goes out to all my first customers. still some left at THIETH.COM. buy some shit, support TTv.

MoN /// couple hours in benicia

mellow park edit from ramon antonio // he stays filming non stop. pumped on the constant flow of entertainment.

quick clip /// jonah kessel

stay tuned /// jonahs been filming. cant wait for this kids next solo edit.


i already know you guys are fucking psyched on CULT so i'd bee sleeping if i didnt post this shit up. looks like  full lenght is in the works. way too much fire in here.

quick clip /// max gardeners spot find

pretty sick. keep this one coming max. you should start sending me a google map screen shot of the spot locations... unless you find someones secret spot (you gotta respect that kind of shit) hahaha. but some spots are just begging to blow up.

big wheel bmx

more squish fork ///  sick shit tho.


if you didnt already know /// the UNKNOWN V3  proto is here and looks so sick. rumor has it this thing is way more comfortable than the v2. they've been listening to everyones feedback and put them all to work on the latest revision/// dropped the bb to just barely negative, a little more head tube, killer dropouts, more slope on the top tube... the geo looks fucking sick and you already know these things are solid, if you lookin to get on a new whip, this ones gunna be worth the wait.

bears bikes /// south taiwan road trip

mostly bmx in this one/// but theres a few legit fixed clips. been a while since we've seen something from bears bikes. sick to see they still at it.

n00bs ///

sick to see some n00bs that keep their speed up.
get yo practice on in the front yard.

kickin it old school with some tarck flatground... and a audi?