this is sick. some legit b-side footage from jballs recent edit. so many big clips in here, solid slams, extra shit that didnt make the edit. super solid raw footage. jball has come a loooong way in the past year or so, and obviously stacked a shitload for his solo edit/// the b-sides tell it. MUST SEE TTv.


CSK is the new blog on the block but ruff comes through with some epic clips. the first one is butcher man chris clappe killing some parking structure game, so sick//so creative. the second one is some new TJ shit, getting his practice on to slaughter the redbull comp. so fucking sick. CSK4LYF

n00bs /// matt boudreau

this one just upped /// real solid first offering from matt. he keeps rolling, rides pretty fast, goes pretty big. he's sayin some apologies about the still tripod shots, but i think they look sick as fuck. this is a killer n00b flick. keep em coming man.

big wheel bmx

its squish fork... and lots of dirt... not my favorite "genre" of big bike shit, but theres way too much sick shit in here to pass it up

A.S.S. #2

sick to see this series keep going /// here's number 2 featuring some of my favorite local fixed killers. about a minute long for you A.D.D. fuckers out there. dont miss it//keep em coming rolo.

iMiNUSD /// leftovers 2012

i dont know how the fuck i slept on this one /// but here it is now. so many hammers, so many good riders, so much fucking fire packed into this edit. leftovers my dick/// this shit delivers.

tony k /// single spotter

this spots been showing up a shitload lately. tony gets out to ride with almost everyone there is to ride with in long beach. single spot flicks are always sick, and tony puts in work at this one. even though its been a while since he dropped a full length flick, he still got his style and some tech tricks "on lock" // always psyched to see new shit from tony.

ramon antonio /// bike off your love

ramon has been progressing quick lately. theres so many sick clips in here, psyched to see him reppin that #HUYAMOUF shirt. looks like he has lots to ride up where he's at, a little bit of everything in the mix, and he gets creative with it too. always killer from ramon.


some classic jay wilson.

bike check // hold fast 29er

i know PROLLY already covered this, but its too sick to ignore. i cant wait to see how these develop, see em start hitting the streets. sickest 29er out there right now. BMORE FIXED has been killing it lately, and they bike checked their HOLD FAST 29ER build. here's the details // CLICK THROUGH FOR MORE PICS;
Frame: Hold Fast 29er prototype
Fork: NS Fundamental
Bars: Immortis Bucket
Stem: Tree Collet
Grips: Animal Edwin
Cranks: Profile 175′s
Sprocket: 33t Tree Lite
Pedals: Animal Sealed Metal Hamiltons
Straps: Sam’s Reflective Hold Fasts with Protoype XR B-sides
Post: McNeil
Grip: Balhogs
Seat: Deco
Wheels: 29″ Mtx 33
Front Hub: Tree Straight Pull
Rear Hub: 14mm Sadio
Front Tire: Halo Twin Rail 2.2″
Rear Tire: Bontrager 29-3 TLR 2.0″
Cog: 13t


if you dont already know /// future tense has been going on for years. one of the longest running meet ups in fixed. get out there and support that shit if ur in the area.

tuesday sucks // eat shiTT

this week, tuesday fucking sucks///eat shiTT. i stayed home yesterday getting all your orders out, first day back to the fucking cubicle always sucks.

skate shiTT

sick part from a sick full length. if you havent seen mind field, check it.

gnarlos rodriguez // frip crips

skate shiTT mixed with fixed shit. gnarlos always brings entertaining edits.

francis roque /// first day of april

francis been stacking clips for this one. the double hammer ender is sick.


loving that instant replay at 0:27.

lots of young guns coming in hot lately.

ride slow, keep it mellow, get that shit dialed.

lots of fuckaround shit in this one haha.