SquareShit Vol. 1

tony k always delivers and this one brings some skate shit mixed with some fixed shit.  so much fire, killer edit all around. must see TTv. i hope tony keeps this one going... volume one means the start of some good shit.

rooTTs /// two flicks

DESTROY BIKES getting in touch with some rooTTs. psyched to see destroy supporting some bmx shit.

devon is a local hero. this is his osiris pro team edit and its fucking stacked with tech footage. kinda slept on this one, but if you missed it, dont hesitate to click. shits fire.

tyler hansen // MSTRFM fixed

psyched on this posse /// lots of good style, and they roll deeep as fuck. looks like they got a pretty mellow spot to chill out and ride. keep these flicks comin.

quick clip /// desmond cook

sick style 180 bar.

cosmic cowboy and new tricks

aj austin is one of the best there is when it comes to 700 shred. this shit is sooo sick. short and sweet, packed with fire. fucking epic, i wish aj dropped edits like this every fuckin day haha. just watch.

omar sebai // spring

omar's been stacking clips and riding a lot lately. it shows. he's progressing real quick. real psyched on the TTv shoutout in there, pumped to see him reppin that shirt. 1:15 is fucking siiiick. some real sick lines at santa ana park, some guest appearance clips from jball. sMc doin big things, watch the fuck out for omar.

woot woot

this ones fucking sick /// fucking siouxsie and the banshees soundtrack killing it so sick. cole always delivers epic edits. so many good clips in here.

skate shiTT

so much good grass roots skate shit these days.

hiro nakajima

this is one of those surprise edits that i didnt see coming. shits solid, lots of stacked footage, some pretty big rails, good style, sick spots. dialed fucking flick. check it.


two quick clips in this one. watch the fuck out for this guy // sick style, killer skills, bout to fuck shit up. epic quick flick.

this second one is a bike check. fucking sick, digging that stair ride to bike check, 180 immediately after, that shit was so sick. jimmy is on fire right now and his build is dialed. i think thats the most upgraded specialized build ive seen. killing shit.

tyler park /// CA$$H MONEY MONEY

this ones sick /// quick raw footage edit. some gabe footage in the mix too.

quick clip /// mamat

quick wheelie bar //

big wheel bmx /// spun

the SPUN squad is growing. lots of big bike shit in the mix here. watch for that last slam, shit caught me off guard and its pretty brutal.

n00bs // chris vithaya

a quick n00b flick. two clips. sounds like he's got an edit in the works.

brandon tomita & justin rojas // sunday flatground sesh

some solid flatgrond shit with brandon and justin. you dont see those killin' it frames every day. sick to see some riding on one.

n00bs // two flicks

some pretty solid n00b shit. arts not afraid to take a couple slams.

some skatepark footage from the other side. 

skate shit /// big booty bitches

some fuck around shit // lol. this edit is sick.