the hisTTory channel /// spinning in seattle

this ones on some OG ZLOG shit. what the fuck ever happened to justin av /// always wanted to see more from that guy. this was the age of the "keo spin" haha.

skate shiTT

winter shred

an ode to the winter that never was /// fuck you bitch. corey smith is one of my favorites to watch. one last winter shred before the heat sets in.


heres a flashback flick /// some mellow "hood" cruising from stranger.

quick clip /// the hisTTory channel

pop up barspin to chainring grind /// i think if you looked up the definition of tarck in some online dictionary, this clip would pop up. hahaha. classic shit.

the hisTTory channel // "john watson"

some chainring grinds /// wheelie shit // pop  up bars.... and as you can see, he's been pushing the prolly purple since way back haha. this edit flies under the radar coming from luke, dont even know how i came across it this time lol, sick tho. respect.