the hisTTory channel //// death pedal 2 trailer 2

fuck if you never seen this one /// its some must see TTv hahaha. some of your favorite "fixie" heroes killing it on the old inline skates hahaha. so sick.


ive probably already posted this shit /// but fuck it, colt fake shit is the fucking best.

skate shiTT

this video is gunna be sick.

quick clip /// the hisTTory channel

super ted is a staple in og fixed tricks. never forget it. he seems like a bike building mad scientist these days, but way back he was dropping hammers right out the gate and doing tricks way before people thought they were possible /// yee, this hop bar is fucking 3 years old.

the hisTTory channel // mpls sunday

fucking sick tricks on a track bike. what ever happened to this jesse hillard guy?

the hisTTory channel /// tom and tony

if you didnt already know tom and tony go way the fuck back then you stupid. these two blazed a trail. it seems like forever ago, but this shit is so sick, some of the earliest known fixed freestyle.