Compton Chronicles

I met a few of these kids recently. There aren't to many kids these days that are 13-16 that can put a video together like this and when asked "what video parts do you like that have come out recently?" they simply reply "Daniel Shimizu" or "Grant Taylor". These kids are sick and give me hope for the future.

cole ruffing /// scrappy footage v.2

cole always puts good shit together. he gets out and rides with the best of em and he was on the front lines with tone's "brush with the law" haha. lots of good clips in here, killer variety, killer riding. must see TTv.

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

fuck mondays. thrasher keeps this series going strong. their hall of meat has a fuckload of insane slams.


kenny just upped his woodward footage /// some "moment we've all been waiting for" type shit haha. such a sick edit. guess who got backflips now haha. so much good shit in here and seemingly no overlap with gus's half ass edit. fucking fire. DESTROY always does it right.

skate shiTT /// deer man of dark woods

already posted skate shiTT today /// but theres no fuckin way i plan to sleep on some shit like this. just dropped, always fucking sick. get your barrier shred on.

free ballard

this ones fucking sick. nelson bell came through with some killer riding and some pretty "authentic" style in this one. he keeps the cruiser vibes strong, rolls fast, hits some interesting spots, and definitely has some dialed bike control. i hope we get to see A LOT more from this guy. so sick.


youve probably seen these WRAHW BRAINSHADERS by now // but heres the web flick for em. always sick. torey always has a killer aesthetic to his flicks. click through and pick one up. 

12 pack in mcdonalds

ramon antonio stays on his bike, stays filming, and stays dropping edits non stop. it seems like he gets out to ride with everyone. theres lots of sick shit in here, antics, spots, fighting, sf, visitors from over seas, the whole nine fuckin yards. sick mon/// stay at it.

robert rice /// welcome to epiffny

young blue hair robert rice has teamed up with EPIFFNY // these guys are on a mission lately, both of em. watch out for this team up. fuckin psyched to see robert reppin that TT on his helmet too. fuck yeee.


if you havent already seen these MACHETE bars /// you fuckin up. these things look sick, and give your build a more brutal psycho feel. looks like they dropped a WEBSITE. click through, support rider driven shit. psyched to see more from these guys.

watcha edit

you best "watcha" out /// and keep "watcha" for this kid hahaha. he goes for it tho. that last river hop clip is so sick.


caught this one on THECOMEUP and couldnt resist a repost. lol.

skate shiTT

some dustin dollin /// why the fuck not.

209 cogs /// spring break

its that time again /// spring break. that waterside spot they riding in here is pretty sick, but where the fuck is mtv and all the titty chicks in bikinis haha.

n00bs /// three flicks

daniel le and friends keep em coming.

quick clip /// all three of TTv's favorite "sports" in one flick. twixtor slomo style.

more from slyfix /// these guys are nonstop with the flicks. digging the quick cuts in here.

charles schoen /// preciptasian

charles got out to film with some skate "homies". looks like they got a pretty sick rainy day spot.