thanks @wolfdrawn for the movie reccomendation. rubber is fucking sick. 


this is fucking sick. TTv has finally arrived haha. so psyched congo was reppin that sweatshirt for LOOP MAGAZINE. ive seen shots from these guys for as long as ive been checking out fixed bike shit. fucking pumped congo's bike check got in there. so sick.


jball has been on a mission for a while now. but shit like this shows hard work paying off. theres some hammers in here. ALL CITY squad is doing work these days. the two enders are soooo sick. jballs progression has been covered here on TTv and im so fucking pumped to see him drop a stacked edit like this. fucking killing it.

skate shiTT

more skate shit from psycho idiot. mini shred, city skate, nickatina soundtrack, makeshift spots. no hammers, just mellow killer grass roots shred.

quick clip // kyle messier /// first rail

feeling that intro clip /// and this is one hell of a first rail. fixed bikes are killing shit these days and new names showing coming in just slaughtering shit. kyle comes from toronto and has been dropping clips for a little while now... but this shit shows some potential for insanity.

F.W UCLA clips

lol special fx and killer tunes. west la is deep with young guns that kill it.

bike check /// volume vandal

this is one of the better video bike checks ive seen in a while. check that slam at 0:10 haha fuuuck. killer bike check tho.

francis roque /// 032412

solid flick from francis. getting lots of shit dialed and his style is looking better with each edit.

n00bs /// second day edit

lots of doubles lines. watch out for these two tho, they progressing quick.

skate shiTT /// FULL LENGHT

sunday morning epic full lenght. put your feet up and watch some killer skate shit. vhs style is sick, tons of good footage in here, good spots, good tunes, some party footage hahaha.

evan brown /// two flicks

good to see brooklyn still doing it. this is commuter style fixed freestyle. high saddles, tall bars, backpacks.... cruising. killer shots in here, making ny look real good. thanks to evan for sending em through.


caught this one on fb /// thats that new new shit. haha.

skate shiTT?

lol i love this kid.


<3 MOM <3