fucking sick to see something new from shane /// its been a real long time. he didnt step off the bike tho, and it shows. his style, spots, and bag of tricks has progressed since we last saw him. that first line is fucking sick/good tunes/killer edit all around. peep game.

the hisTTory channel

this one goes back three years /// its less of a "killer edit" and more of a "hisTTorical reference". if you followed fixed way back, you might remember seeing flicks like this. shit was so sick back then. these would pop up, its some kind of indoor tarck trick comp. back in the "golden era" of trick shit, there were meet ups, rides, "community". none of which were my particular interest, but the shit still looked like a good time. we have come a long fucking way. glad we've progressed from here, but this was only 3 years ago.


in case you didnt know /// DESTROY is working on a new frame called the THUNDERFUCK. looks fucking sick and i dig the name. word on this thing is that its coming through with a super short rear end and a wishbone seatstay setup. no talk of availability or pricing yet, this fucker is still in the proto phase. im sure itll be sick as fuck tho. these guys keep it grass roots, and keep new shit coming non stop, respect that.


fucking sick /// colin fiske on a bmx bike.

sam houser in da house

sam houser is coming up hard these days. this flick is so legit. sounds like he's with RYD flow team now and he dropped this one to let us know whats good. lots of sick clips in here. kill it sam.

big wheel bmx

Sam Pilgrim URBANIZED on pinkbike.com

this one goes a little outside the kind of big bike shit i would usually tune in to/// but theres some killer van setups in here.

skate shiTT

its friday /// fuck with some beer and skateboards. get loose.

the next day in sf

more from the sf visitors.

n00bs ///

seems like lots of new riders getting into this shit every day.


TT 02.16.11_2, TTH13TTH, THIETH, TT, TTv
TT 02.16.11_2, TTH13TTH, THIETH, TT, TTv
TT 02.16.11_2, TTH13TTH, THIETH, TT, TTv