oh shit this is going to be fire. hammers on the way. so many sick clips and this is just the LA trip. psyched for shredwell2 to drop. for now, dont miss this shit. FUCKING KILLING IT.


looks like shark and sam re-edited that slam from his recent edit. one of the most brutal slams to come out of a fixed flick in a while.

quick clip /// skate shiTT

caught this on fb /// jamil gray used to skate ...killer style, on it too. so fucking sick.


every once in a while someone you knew had it in em comes through with some shit that blows away your expectation. this is exactly that shit. gomok obviously went hard stacking clips, theres so much insane shit in here, maximum speed, minimum pedal checking, high energy, big shit/// fucking dialed edit. that line at 0:54 is one of my favorite highlights, but theres a shitload of fire in here. fucking killing it for RADIO BIKES and SOUNDTRACK

lane daniels /// shred it local

if you've been sleeping on lane daniels, its time to wake the fuck up. this guy fucking kills it. so many hammers in here, such dialed riding. enough said // watch this shit.

skate shiTT

killer grass roots creative skate shit. it doesnt have to be hammers to make for an entertaining web video.

A.S.S #1

heres some of my favorite young guns killing it as usual. packy's game stepped up so hard, he is one of the few, the proud, the motherfuckers who still push 700 and kill it. gabe always brings some necessary "character" to the mix, and omar has progressed a shitload. i hope they keep these going. after school scrappy's if you know whats good for you.


former fixed killer jotta still gets loose on a bmx. some creative use of spots and tricky shit in here.

mike chacon /// minitio

more interview type shit from MIKEONABIKE /// i caught this over at his joint, he keeps it coming over there.

quick clip /// synchronized 180's

back to back ///

n00bs /// gifu fixed

that first boost is siiick.

one day in sf

more travelers from the other side of the earth making the trip to the mecca. a kenny arimoto guest appearance in it too.