Compton Chronicles

If you aren't familiar with Jason Dill or Dylan Reider you probably won't get a lot of this footage until you see all of their video parts. This is a pretty amazing interpretation of water color paintings in the form of skate videos. Part one is Jason Dill and Part 2 is Dylan is fucking awesome to say the least...


this is a first as far as i know and im fuckin pumped on it//skateboards pushin THIETH. proud to see a TT sticker in the mix with a TRONG sticker... on a FURNACE deck no less. some of the best local shit out there. thanks to yolo david  for sending this one through haha. psyched on the furnace and bw color scheme too.

matt dizon // march edit

young gun matt dizon coming through with a pretty good stack of clips.

a day at ecp skatepark

this park looks like fun

quick clip // tj skate shiTT

tyler twitted this shit at me last night. i may have already posted it once before, but its too sick not to put in the mix again. in case you didnt know// he kills it on a skateboard too and this flick goes waaaaay back.

quick clip // ice picky



the secret is gus's local bike shop /// theres a few real killer clips of him in the mix hahaha.

one day edit 031912

some pretty solid bmx in the mix this time. endless hang 5 action, feelin that little what the fuck at 1:25. francis has been keeping the edits coming lately.

skate shiTT

big city mini shred.

n00bs ///

0:55 woulda been sick if he rode it out haha.

justin sharer is getting better. a little more spot variety in this one.

dave noakes /// back on a bike

good to see dave back at it.