royal sunday sesh

fuck yeah cole with the TTv shout out. so fucking pumped on shit like that. theres some killer shit in the mix in this one. everyone was fucking shit up, good squad at this sunday sesh, that ender clip is SOO sick. must see TTv if you know whats good. jball keeps these edits coming.

n00bs /// new bike || nature

feeling the tunes in this one. some killer low camera angles on the mini shred /// dig it.

quick clip /// rooTTs

sick. fakie rocket manual.


sooo fucking sick.

rooTTs /// hoder

holy shit, hoder is a beast.

off TTopic // skibmx

caught this one on fb by colin cable looks like a good time, that intro clip is sick.



common bmx/fix

all these guys keep getting better. sick to see some new shit from musgrave too. check that intro, haha, destroy a tree to ride a spot.