killer grass roots bmx from SOUR FEVER /// click through and pick up a 99 cent dvd.

lockedcog // a tad bit moist

this is pretty sick /// kris got out and made the most of the wet ground. getting those tires loose with some creative slip and slide shit. real sick clips in here. 0:05 and 0:14 are my favorites. sick to see kris out there killing it. LOCKEDCOG always delivers.

nasty /// one day

nasty got out to film a quick one with some big wheel bmx in the mix. that slider at 0:31 is so sick. been a long time since we seen some nasty footage, and people arent killing the slider game these days like they used to.

omar sebai /// the homies

omar kills it on the edit game. he keeps em coming and gets out to ride with everyone out there. some real sick clips in this one, and lots of familiar faces.

skate shiTT

another one of those watercolor animation joints. pretty sick. dylan rieder kills it.

quick clip /// tyler nakamoto back wheelies

sick, tyler got em dialed now.


some solid quick style park riding. tommy keeps the flicks coming, 209 kills it, alex is getting better everytime we see shit from him.

"mike chacon, pick me"

this kid wants that free loot. haha. some good riding tho.

tommy mao /// awww shit

this ones been up for a long time /// missed it first time around. some classic "eat shiTT" footage.

slyfix sonny /// welcome to holdfast

this kid has bike handling skills /// he's been progressing real fast. sounds like he got picked up by HOLD FAST // sick come up for him.

n00bs /// 3 flicks

n00bs like this are coming it with a pretty good bag of tricks. mind blowing what first edits look like these days.

fakie bars are becoming a stock trick /// get em dialed 2012

real clean filming and editing.